The Vendor Portal is necessary to help you successfully start your store on Debbydot Attractions. Therefore it is important that you spend some quality time reading and understanding the Debbydot Attractions trading etiquette. By the end of this training:

  • You should understand how to set up a store on Debbydot Attractions
  • You should understand the trading process of Debbydot Attractions.
Debbydot Attractions Terms and Conditions
Debbydot Attractions Terms and Conditions
Update your profile
Update your profile
Update your Bank Account details
Update your Bank Account details
Accept our Terms and Conditions
Accept our Terms and Conditions
Update your Business address, contact information
Update your Business address, contact information
Upload your Business Logo and your Profile Photo
Upload your Business Logo and your Profile Photo


Your profile will be verified by a Debbydot Staff and you will be activated for selling – mostly within 48 hours. Then you will be able to choose a subscription plan.

We have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond package with different setup fee and different commission rates

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As sellers, you must learn the art of successful selling via three major strategies:

Master the Art of Pricing.

You must learn the art of setting good prices for your products as
wrong product pricing can cause a decline in sales for your store

  • These can be done by Knowing your customers i.e profiling your buyers by what they value.
  • Pricing similarly as buyers are much less likely to buy one than the other if their prices are even slightly different.
  • Compare Prices across other online malls or stores.


Social media is fast becoming a value adding marketing channel. It has become very significant and has a great impact on marketing.

Word of mouth; Through social media, word of mouth as become very helpful. It’s a great advantage. Communications spread fast across various social media sites.

Communicating with Buyers; Through the use of social media you can reach out to unsatisfied customers directly and privately.

Influence Buyers; In creating a social media account, you must be careful of who your target audience are. Audiences have been broken down into 3 groups – Social Broadcaster, Mass Influencers, Potential Influence. The potential influencers are usually the most influential being the highest population of people on social media.


Debbydot Attractiions encourages you to strive for good feedback from buyers as these feedback encourages you to do better and will keep your buyers coming back.
However, it is necessary that you put in place “Good customer service”.

Understand your customers’ needs and figure out how they can be met. This will encourage positive feedback and repeat of business.

Be willing to answer questions.

Provide Value; offer free gifts with buyer purchases, it does not have to be expensive.

Check in; Make the buyer feel loved and cared for during the process of transaction



Product images are the most essential element on an online store as it helps for good product presentation:

  • Ensure that your image is of highest quality at 500 megapixels before uploading them.
  • Ensure size is between 100KB and 2MB
  • Use photos with white background


A good product title is a comprehensive summary of the product. In
naming a product ensure that you create an effective title by:

  • Using descriptive keywords to make your title as clear as possible.
  • Including brand name.
  • Including specifics like size , color or model number.
  • Not using profane or obscene languages.

It is necessary to give a detailed description of a product so
the customer knows exactly what to expect. This can be done

  • Avoiding using manufacturers descriptions by writing up your own unique descriptions that feature relevant keywords to help make them more search friendly.
  • Describing your item the best way you can with at least 200 words.
    Using bold headers with font sizes of 12 or 14 at maximum.
  • Using unique identifiers such as author’s name, brand’s details, manufacturer’s details, ISBN .e.



The Vendor’s Dashboard is your personal selling portal that helps you:

  • Register & upload the products you want to sell on Debbydot.
  • Manage all your products listing.
  • Store your bank details to enable immediate payout of funds owed to you on items sold.
  • Manage your escrow(payment in waiting).
  • Accept & ship new orders.
  • Update your product quantity to ensure all your listed items are still available for sale.
Vendor's Dashboard


To List an Item, click on the “Add New Product”. It’s a two step process;


  • Add Product Title.
  • Add Product Cover Image (Follow the guidelines).
  • Add Products Categories & Products Tags.
  • Add Short Description.

Click “Create Product”


This will take you to the ‘Edit Product Tab”

  • Add Description & SKU & Quantity.
  • Add Product Weight (KG); This is compulsory, as it activates the different shipping options.
  • Add Long Description.
Add New Product
Create Product
Add Description
Add Quantity and Weight in KG
Save Product